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Brian was a consummate professional. He was the only Realtor to sit us down and explain the process and concepts like "agency". Prompt and thorough, Brian facilitated our home sale smoothly and by the numbers. He wasn't stiff though; Brian possessed a friendly demeanor and was easy to get along with. Finally, Brian demonstrated his shrewd negotiation skills when he was able to squeeze a better deal from our buyers.

Phillip P. & Shannon C., San Jose, Ca.

Now I'm there!  It was a long and sometimes difficult journey, successfully finalized due to your professionalism, dedicated work and patience, with my changing expectations and mood.

I met you by chance, having no recommendation, and at that time, even not being clearly decided to be a buyer.  It proved to be a happy finding, and I want to assure you of my recommendation if I get the chance.

I want to express my gratitude, and I wish you the best!





Cristian R., Sunnyvale, Ca.